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Ajax and Beyond..

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

After emerging the Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) a dream of web developers came true.Because of it can harvest the server time in a different way.Simply we can explain as below


Above image show the traditional request/response way of server client communication.Each time a server request is made, the page must refresh to reveal new content.


Internet request/response model using Ajax’s asynchronous methodology.Multiple
server requests can be made from the page without need for a further page refresh.

Ajax makes the internet gear in to OD(Over drive).As the first few who use Ajax in a enterprise level web applications Gmail and flicker have taken big steps ahead even now the mail experience of the Gmail is very rich one(Every one has Gmail account today and you know how it is going on).

With the grate acceleration of the Ajax web breaks its traditional barrier of the response time (speed) new bunch of possibilities emerged.Developers think about desktop like applications on the web!!.On the other hand web standers are getting rich (CSS,HTML 5) ext.. Them it comes the word RIA (Rich internet Applications)

Rich Clients are also can be divided in to several parts due to various constrains. Below image will categorize that also.


So there are several Rich Client Makers

1. Adobe Flex

2. Microsoft Silverlight

3. Java FX

4. Open Laszlo

5. GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

There are few others but these are the big guys.

I will discuss about above Rich Client Makers technologies in this article series not only the details but also how to use them ,what are the tools advantages and disadvantages of those ,current status of those according to my experience with them. And Specially I will show how to develop Rich Client applications with GWT technology with code snippets.This article is a first of that series.


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